Apple Watch Series 4

About That Apple Watch Series 4 Face – Please, No (Opinion)

Yesterday, thanks to the 9to5Mac team, we got our first glimpse at the new Apple Watch Series 4. Overall, it looks great.  The display of the new watch is expected to be bigger (although keep the same frame size), improved battery life, and an improved heart rate monitor.   What didn’t improve?  Apparently the new default face of the Series 4.

Oh. My.

If this is indeed the default watch face for the new Apple Watch, it may be the most overly complicated watch face ever devised by man, and certainly Apple.  I’m all for having information at a glance.  That, after all, is the beauty of the Apple Watch.  But there is this thing called information overload and this watch face is the poster child.

So here is the image of the watch face:

Apple Watch Series 4

Apple Watch Series 4

So we have a shedload of things going on here.  We have the temperature along with a low/high temperature range for the day.  We have a timer with a countdown stream.  We have an arc across the top that shows your next calendar appointment.  We have the UV index in the lower left corner and the sunrise/sunset time in the lower right.  On the face itself, we have the calendar date, Apple Music access, Activity Rings, Earth (which I assume shows you were the daylight terminator is as it relates to you), and, oh yeah, watch hands.

Now to be fair to Apple, in all likelihood, this is a press image that shows all of the potential Complications that are available on the new watch.  But the fact that this could be an option is mind-blowing.  It is so busy that you would have spend several seconds to find what you are looking for on the face.  Why would anyone needs that much information on the watch face?

Obviously we will know in a couple of weeks if this is indeed a face for real or simply a mockup of what could be with the new Series 4.  I’m hoping, really hoping, that it is the latter.  If not, this will be the very first thing that changes on the watch for me.  Without any question or hesitation.

What are your thoughts?

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