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Apple Adds iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X to Battery Power Management Program

While Apple’s battery power management in iOS has cause a fair amount of controversy, that hasn’t stopped the Cupertino tech giant from extending it further.  With the release of iOS 12.1 this week, Apple has added last year’s iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X to the list of devices where the power management feature is enabled.

Commonly referred to as “Batterygate”, the performance management feature is aimed at maintaining battery longevity and preventing unexpected shutdowns due to spikes in demand on your iPhone.  They do this by throttling down speeds of the device when necessary.

The feature was introduced way back in iOS 10 and caused a lot of controversy in iOS 11 when the feature got a user interface and devices that had less than 80% battery capacity were starting to be throttled.  It, to a large extent, was blown completely out of proportion.  Some even suggested Apple was trying to force people to upgrade to the latest iPhone.  For their part, Apple did a horrendously poor job of explaining the process and capitulated by offering heavily discounted battery replacements throughout 2018 (which is still in effect through January 1, 2019)

Apple posted an update to the iPhone Battery and Performance support page where it outlines that last year’s iPhone models are now a part of the program. It also notes that because of the advancements in the hardware and software of the 2017 iPhones, it will be less noticeable.


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