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Apple Hires Obstetrician to Bolster Apple Health Efforts in Women’s Health

Apple continues to bolster the staff around Apple Health with their latest hire. Obstetrician Dr. Christine Curry has recently joined the team as Apple continues to focus efforts around Women’s health. Dr. Curry comes to Apple from Kaiser Permanente in California and will be joining the team that works in the company’s AC Wellness clinics. The company has dozens of doctors that work in the clinics and contribute to the Health service. While she has an interest in women’s health, Apple indicates she will be working on various health areas.

Women’s health is an area of increasing focus for Apple. When Health and HealthKit launched, there was no reproductive section. It was added later and has deep integrations with many apps for tracking period and fertility for women. Some of those integrations include apps like Eve and Ovia. These apps and others allow women to easily track multiple aspects of health and provides a one-stop location to have that data available for their own review or reviewing with their doctor.

While women’s health is a key focus area for Apple, overall health improvement is rapidly becoming a pillar of the company. The company continues to improve not only services like Health but also their devices such as the Apple Watch Series 4. That device can perform a simple EKG, give wearers warnings around potential heart issues like AFib, and detect falls and automatically call emergency services. Rumors suggest that the upcoming second generation of AirPods will be able to track even more health data, all of which is available to users in the Health app. Apple is also focused on getting Apple Watch wearers active by allowing them to easily track daily activity such as their calorie burn, standing up hourly, and tracking a wide range of exercise automatically through the Activity app.

Ultimately it will likely be some time before we fully understand the impact that Dr. Curry will have on Health but it is a positive sign to see Apple continue to hire highly quality medical specialists both for their clinics and for their contributions to the Health app and service.

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