Recent Apps in Dock in MacOS Mojave

How To Disable Recent Apps in The MacOS Mojave Dock

With the introduction of MacOS Mojave, several elements and apps from iOS have migrated to the desktop.  From an apps perspective, Home, News, Stocks, and Voice Memos are all now on your Mac and sync across all your devices.  From a feature perspective, recent apps are now something that show up on your Mac’s Dock.

Recent apps was introduced on the iPad back in iOS 11 and displays your most recently used app next to the populated Dock on that device.  It is a handy way to get back to apps that you are navigating between as you work or access frequently.  That same functionality is now in MacOS.

For some, this new feature isn’t something they want to see.  They don’t use it or it takes up space on their Dock that the had rather use for other apps.  The good news is, just like in iOS, Apple has made it easy to enable or disable this feature.

To turn off the Recent Apps feature, go into Settings then to Dock.  There, at the bottom of the page, you will see the option Show recent applications in Dock.  Removing the check from the checkbox will turn this feature off and you will only see the apps you have permanently docked in the Dock.

Recent Apps in Dock in MacOS Mojave

Recent Apps in Dock in MacOS Mojave

Of course, if you want to re-enable the feature, it is just a matter of going back into Settings and rechecking this box.

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