Set Dark Mode in MacOS Mojave

How To Enabled Dark Mode in MacOS Mojave

If there was a headline feature with the release of MacOS Mojave yesterday, it was Dark Mode.  Dark Mode is a system wide feature that turns many apps from a bright white to a dark grey.  This is all aimed at eye relief and many apps have already been updated to support the feature (if you find one of your apps doesn’t yet, check for an update as there are a lot of updates rolling out this week to support it and Mojave in general).

When you install MacOS Mojave, you are prompted at the end of the setup process on if you want to use the normal Light mode or if you want to use Dark mode.  You can chose at that point but you are not stuck with that choice forever.  It is actually very easy to go back and forth between the two modes in Settings.

Just open up Settings then navigate to the General section.  There, right at the top, you will see the mode selection for Light and Dark.  Just click the one you want and it is automatically applied.  A reboot of your Mac is not required.

Set Dark Mode in MacOS Mojave

Set Dark Mode in MacOS Mojave

In addition, you can also select your Accent Color now in MacOS.  This is just below the Light and Dark mod selection.  As you can see from the screenshot above, I’ve chosen red for my accent color which I like, particularly in Dark mode.

If you have upgraded to Mojave and haven’t given Dark mode a try, give it a go. I find that it provides a lot of eye relief if you, like me, are looking at your MacBook for long periods of time each day.

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