Do Not Disturb Quick Settings

How To Use The Quick Do Not Disturb Feature in iOS 12

One of the great improvements in iOS 12 is how the Operating System has simplified the Do Not Disturb feature.  DND has been in iOS for a long time but it never was intuitive.  That changed with this release and it is one of the many positive reasons on why you should upgrade your iPhone and iPad to it.

Part of that simplification of Do Not Disturb has also brought a new quick menu to allow you to instantly turn on the feature for a specific time period, location, or event without having to dive into your iPhone’s settings.

First, go into Control Center by swiping up on the Home screen on your iPhone. There you will see the Do Not Disturb crescent moon icon just below where you turn WiFi, Bluetooth and Airplane mode on for your iPhone.  If you just tap that icon, DND is enabled as normal and will stay enabled until you turn it off.

Do Not Disturb Button in Control Center

Do Not Disturb Button in Control Center in iOS 12

If however you tap-and-hold that icon, a new menu will pop-up that looks like this:

Do Not Disturb Quick Settings

Do Not Disturb Quick Settings

Now you can select how long you want Do Not Disturb enabled or, if you prefer, enable it until the end of an event, until you leave a location, or until a point much later in the day.  It gives you far greater control but it also takes the task of having to remember that you have enabled DND out of your hands.  Your iPhone will turn the feature off based on the criteria you set.

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