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80% of All Music Subscriptions in The US are on Apple Music and Spotify

In a new report from MusicWatch, provided to Billboard, 80% of the music subscription service subscriptions in the United States comes down to two players:  Apple Music and Spotify.  The report shows that subscriptions have doubled nearly doubled since 2016.  There are roughly 51 million actively monthly subscribers to music streaming services in the US.

Streaming music services made up roughly 65% of the record industry revenue last year.  80% of that came from Apple Music and Spotify with other players such as Amazon Music, Pandora, Google Music and others significantly behind.

It is estimated that both Apple Music and Spotify have over 20 million subscribers each while the rest are significantly behind that number.  It should be noted that Amazon Music subscription numbers were not disclosed as it is wrapped up in Amazon Prime subscriptions.

The “major” streaming services included in MusicWatch’s study are Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music Unlimited, Google/YouTube Music, Pandora Plus/Premium and iHeartRadio All Access/Plus. While Napster, Tidal and Deezer are also active in the U.S., MusicWatch managing partner Russ Crupnick tells Billboard that these services “are very small” and “would only add a bit” to the 51 million figure, which tracked users aged 13 and up.

You can read the full report over at Billboard and that report, while solid, does give you a great impression of just how confusing the streaming music business is for the record industry.

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