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83% of Surveyed Teens Own an iPhone

While Apple may be struggling with iPhone adoption in other countries, here in the United States, they have pretty much locked down the teenage market. In a new survey published by Piper Jaffray, 83% of the 8,000 teens surveyed already own an iPhone. Further, 86% of those surveyed indicated that their next smartphone will be an Apple device.

The survey was of 8,000 teens in two income groups. The first group was an “upper-income” group with household incomes at approximately $100,000. The second group was “average-income” with a household income of approximately $55,000. The company based this on zip code and census data.

This is certainly good news for Apple. With more teens using an iPhone, it means they are more likely to stick with it in adulthood. It also means that they are likely taking advantage of other Apple services, making Apple more sticky to them. While these numbers don’t guarantee such success, it is a positive sign for the Cupertino tech giant.

Pipery Jaffray publishes this report semiannually and it is available to the public. For comparisons, in the 2016 report, only 75% of teens expected to make an Apple device their next smartphone. That’s an 11% increase in 24 months, a healthy rise.

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