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Alexa Set to Speak Spanish in The US This Year

Amazon has rolled out new voice model that will allow developers to create skills that speak Spanish here in the United States. The update is part of the Alexa Skills Kit and comes months before Amazon is expected to launch Spanish language support in this country.

We’re excited to announce that now developers can start building skills for Spanish-speaking customers in the US using the Alexa Skills Kit (ASK) with the new Spanish for US voice model. Skills that developers create now and are certified for publication will be available for participants in the Alexa Preview program, and to all customers when Alexa launches in the US with Spanish language support later this year. 


With over 48 million Spanish speaking people in the United States, expanding support for the language on the smart speaker just makes sense. Developers in Spain and Mexico already have the ability to have skills in the language but here in the US, it has been limited to English to this point. Further, this isn’t new territory for Amazon or Alexa. In Canada, developers already have the ability to create skills in French Canadian or English. That is what is expect to happen here in the United States with Spanish and English.

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There is no official word on when this voice model will launch to the public other than “later this year”.

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