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App Store Connector Shutdown Ends – Expect App Updates A Plenty

The self imposed shutdown of the back office at the Apple App Store has ended. That means that starting today and likely through the weekend, you can expect to see a lot of app updates on your iPhone and iPad.

The shutdown of the App Store Connector, the mechanism by which app developers submit apps and updates to apps to Apple and the store, was closed all of last week. The shutdown, which is an annual event, allows for the staff at Apple to do some house cleaning efforts behind-the-scenes as well as get some hard earned time off. This was something that I posted on late in November and you probably noticed you did not get any app updates all of last week.

The Connector is now back online meaning that developers can now get those updates and new apps reviewed and posted into the Store. The trickle down effect is that you will likely see more app update notifications today or throughout this weekend as the Apple team approves them and posts them. If you have automatic updates enabled (Settings>iTunes & App Stores>Automatic Downloads) then you will just start getting updates and may not see notifications. There isn’t anything as an end-user that you need to do to get things going again. It’s all on Apple’s side of the cloud.

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