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Apple Adds Additional Confirmation on App Store Subscriptions

Apple has quietly rolled out a new confirmation for subscription purchases in the App Store. Users are now presented an additional dialog box that reminds them that they are making a subscription purchase and that it will automatically renew if they do not cancel the subscription. The idea is to be more transparent with users so they know explicitly they are purchasing a subscription.

This additional confirmation also prevents developers who have been using tactics to trick people into subscribing without their understanding or intention to do so. It is an example of how Apple is trying to protect customers from such activities.

With the advent of TouchID and FaceID, accidental subscriptions and in-app purchases have been easy to do. An accidental touch of the Home button could trigger the purchase so Apple is attempting to cut down on that from happening. Time will tell if this works. Many users simply tap away and don’t read dialog boxes.

It’s always a good idea to read them folks, even if they are a bit annoying at that particular moment. It could save you some App Store troubles later. If you have made an accidental purchase of a subscription, you can always use the Report a Problem page to request a refund. Make sure that you cancel the subscription from your account in the App Store app too.

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