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Apple Amongst Others Named in Lawsuit Claiming Conservative Views Suppression

Apple is one of five companies named in a new class action lawsuit from Larry Klayman, founder of Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch and a former Department of Justice prosecutor.  The lawsuit claims that Apple, Facebook, Instagram, Google, and Twitter have all conspired to suppress conservative view points and information.  According to the press release about the lawsuit, Mr. Klayman states…

“that social media giants Google/You Tube, Facebook, Twitter, Apple and Instagram conspired by entering into an explicit or tacit agreement, in parallel to each other, to restrain trade in violation of Section 1 of the Sherman Act. See Freedom Watch v. Google/You Tube et. al (Civil Action Number 18-cv-2030, U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia).”

Further, it goes on to say…

Specifically, the class action complaint alleges that the intent and effect of this agreement in restraint of trade is to quash and/or limit advocacy by conservative and pro-Trump public interest groups, advocates and others to further the leftist anti-conservative agendas of these social media giants and to help bring down the Trump presidency and nullify the vote of the millions of citizens who voted for the president. These alleged illegal and anticompetitive actions are an integral part of the so-called “resistance” to remove President Trump and install a leftist government over the 50 states.

You can read the entire complaint here on the Freedom Watch site.  The lengthy filing demands a jury trial in the matter.

While Facebook, Instagram, Google and Twitter have all faced challenges from the right around matters of suppression of information and news, Apple has somewhat stayed above the fray for the most part.  Apple could well have been included, however, for their recent removal of some of the Infowars podcast.

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