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Apple and Goldman Sachs Set to Launch a Credit Card

Rumors of an upcoming Apple credit card have been around for months but it looks like it might finally happen. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Apple is teaming up with Goldman Sachs to bring an Apple credit card to customers later this year that will have incentives for customers who are approved for the card.

The report suggests that the new credit card will have specific features in Apple Wallet such as the ability to set spending goals and tracking rewards. It will likely also offer a percentage back scheme on all purchase with larger percentages for purchasing of Apple products. None of these were officially confirmed in the Journal report. The deep integration to Wallet will be one of the key selling points for customers to apply for the credit card.

The report indicated that the new credit card, which will work through the MasterCard system, will be available for Apple employees in the next few weeks to be a beta testing group of sorts for the card. The timing of the card also fits with the release of iOS 12.2. In that upcoming release, which is now in its third beta, the Apple Wallet app gets a refresh of how information is presented. This new credit card could be the impetus for such changes.

There is no firm were on when the card will be available nor if it will be US-only or available globally. The report suggests it will be later this year before we see it.

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