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Apple and Qualcomm Head to a Jury Trial Today

The first jury trial between Qualcomm and Apple kicks of today in San Diego, California. The proceedings will start with jury selection. That process is expected to take up to two weeks. Once the jury is seated, the case could take months to settle but the company’s could settle outside of court at anytime. That seems unlikely at this point.

The case Qualcomm has brought against Apple involves infringement of six different patents. The suit was originally filed in July 2017. The patents involved are for graphics processing architecture, power consumption, and envelope tracking technologies. Qualcomm claims that Apple infringed on their patents in the design of the iPhone.

Apple has also sued Qualcomm for $1 billion in unpaid royalty rebates saying that the chip manufacture “double dipped’ on royalties. The San Diego-based chip manufacture has denied they double-dipped and that the do not owe Apple the rebates. The case starting today does not involve the rebates but likely will have a residual impact on that case when or if it goes to trial.

The chip manufacture has a lot at stake with these lawsuits that have been happening here and around the globe. If they lose, it could be financially damaging to the point that they may have to seek bankruptcy protection. If Apple loses, the financial impact will be more easily absorbed. Regardless of who wins this trial, you can expect appeals to be filed almost immediately.

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