Apple and Sir Jony Ive Mutually Agree To End Their Design Consulting Agreement

Apple and Sir Jony Ive have mutually agreed to end the consultancy relationship between the two parties, ending three decades of work between Apple and Ive. The New York Times has reported that both parties decided not to renew the their mutual contract.

In recent weeks, with the contract coming up for renewal, the parties agreed not to extend it. Some Apple executives had questioned how much the company was paying Mr. Ive and had grown frustrated after several of its designers left to join Mr. Ive’s firm. And Mr. Ive wanted the freedom to take on clients without needing Apple’s clearance, these people said

New York Times

Going forward, Apple’s COO Jeff Williams will continue to manage Apple’s design teams as part of the Product Marketing team.

As readers likely know, Jony Ive has not been with Apple as an employee since 2019. That year, he left Apple to start his own design firm, LoveFrom. At that time, he signed a multi-year agreement with Apple with estimates that the contract was worth upwards of $100 million. As part of the agreement, Ive could not work with companies that Apple considered competitive.

Many consider the reasons for Ive leaving Apple was the shift in focus of Apple under Tim Cook as more of an operations and services company rather than a product company. Additionally, the close relationship that Ive had with Apple founder Steve Jobs was never replicated with Cook and by his own admission, Ive deeply misses his daily interactions with Jobs.

The stepping away of Ive from Apple means that he will have the freedom to work on other products and for other companies.

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