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Apple Appears to Be Set to Offer Free Original Content to Apple Device Owners

According to a report from CNBC, it looks like Apple is about to make a big splash in the streaming video service market – and likely disrupt it.  The report states that Apple will be revamping its Apple TV app where the original content that the Cupertino company is working on will be offered free-of-charge to those who already own Apple devices.

In addition to the free content, Apple is also rumored to have paid third-party channels like HBO available to their customers.  Indeed, Apple does want to have a paid service for customers in the long run, but appear to be willing to offer their content for free and want to have known, marquee shows as part of the initial efforts to get the service off-and-going.

This report is just the latest in a long string of reports and rumors that have been floating about an Apple TV subscription service.  As Apple continues to increase services to improve its bottom line, a subscription TV service only makes sense.  Having free content through the Apple TV app is one way to kick start the service but also could also lead to new hardware sales as people want to have the free content.

Apple, for their part, have not commented on this latest report and haven’t officially announced the new service.  It is expected that early in 2019 this will all become official and only then will we really know what Apple’s short term and long term plans are for the service and their customers.

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