Apple Event Invite - October 2018

Apple Bans Bloomberg From The October 30 Apple Event

With the Apple Event tomorrow and invited media already starting to descend into New York for the event, there is going to be one noticeable absence from those in attendance.  Bloomberg.

It seems that Apple has banned Bloomberg from attending the event where the latest generation of the iPad Pro and sweeping updates to the Mac lineup are expected.  The news of the banning came from BuzzFeed.  The ban extends from the universally denounced story run by Bloomberg that Apple’s iCloud servers were physically hacked with a small chip placed in them.  Apple, along with Amazon who were named in the story, quickly rebutted the story and now independent consultants and experts have concluded that the story was not true.

Apple and Amazon have both asked Bloomberg to retract the story which, so far, the news service has not done.  The banning of Bloomberg from the Apple event is realistically the only way, beyond advertising, that the Cupertino company can make their point.  And that is exactly what they are doing.

Bloomberg Big Hack Cover

Bloomberg Big Hack Cover

For their part, Amazon has withdrawn all of the fourth quarter advertising from Bloomberg to get their point across.

Bloomberg traditionally has been at Apple Events and has had exclusive interviews at them.  That run seems to have ended, at least for this event coming up tomorrow.

Further, this is not the first time that an organization has been banned from Apple Events.  Gizmodo has been banned and only recently got re-invited after running a story of leaked photos of the iPhone 4 back in 2010.


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