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Apple Calls Time on Barclays Credit Card – Points Customers to Apple Card

The long and torrid relationship between Apple and Barclays is over. After over a decade, Apple will not longer offer the Barclays Credit Card as a means to finance purchases. Apple retail employees were informed that the partnership has ended effective yesterday, September 15th.

The change does not impact those who already have the card can continue to use the card but it will simply be another credit card without the benefits offered previously. Apple employees are pointing customers Apple Card, which is a card managed by Goldman Sachs. That offered a wide range of financing options including 0% interest at different purchase levels.

The Apple Card ultimately could be the lynchpin that broke the relationship between the tech giant and the finance company. With the card’s impending launch, Barclays became more difficult for Apple to work with, refusing to offer incentives on Apple purchase. With the Apple Card launched in August 2019, the relationship became all-the-more frosty.

In truth, most Apple customers likely did not know there was another financing option beyond the Apple Card given the Cupertino company’s push of it and the deep integration it enjoys in Apple Wallet.

Apple Card
Apple Card in Apple Wallet

The change in relationship will likely only impact US-based customers. Apple only offers the Apple Card in the United States currently had has other financing options available globally for customers.

To get more details or to apply for the Apple Card, follow this link or simply apply in the Apple Wallet app on your iPhone.

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