Apple Changes Messages Editing & Unsend Feature in iOS 16 Beta 4

One of the great new features coming in iOS 16 is the ability to edit or unsend a Messages message from your iPhone. You can read about it in a bit more detail here on the site. However, with the new feature, advocates raised concerns that it could be abused by abusers in relationships and give them the ability to change or hide evidence. Apple, while not addressing these concerns publicly, seemingly have listened and made a few changes in iOS 16 Beta 4

With the latest beta, the timer to unsend a message has dropped from 15 minutes down to two and while you still have 15 minutes to edit a message, you can only edit it up to five times. Further, either party of the message can tap the “Edited” label on the message to see a list of prior edits.

With these changes in place, the harm that an abusive partner of the system is significantly diminished.

Keep in mind that this new feature that is in Beta 4 of iOS 16 is only going to impact those who send messages via the Messages app to other iPhone users (Blue Bubbles). Normal SMS messages (Green Bubbles) remain unchanged as you cannot edit or unsend them.

iOS 16 will be available later this year, perhaps as early as September, from Apple. It will for any iPhone 8 or newer. iOS 16 is expected to be released laster this fall, perhaps as early as September with the anticipated iPhone 14. iOS 16 will bring a wealth of features and improvements including a completely revamped Lock Screen, improved Mail and Messaging features and other system wide updates.

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