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Apple Confirms That iOS 12 is on 53 Percent of Devices Today

Apple has officially confirmed that 53% of all devices from the last four years are running the company’s latest version of iOS, iOS 12.  The news came via the Apple Developer site, which shows that version 12 is on 53% of devices while iOS 11 has fallen to 40% as far as installs go.  All remaining versions of iOS take up the remaining 7%.

This means that, at this point after release, version 12 is now at a higher adoption rate than iOS 11, good news for Apple and for developers.  It also falls in line with independent analyst firm Mixpanel, who currently pegs the iOS 12 install base at 55.35% as of this morning.

Apple’s data was based on the devices that came to the App Store for a 7-day period ending October 10, 2018 and it measures which devices over the past four years have iOS 12 installed.  Apple also confirmed that across all iOS devices that are capable of running the new version of iOS, 50% of them are running iOS 12.

iOS 12 Install Report from Apple - Oct 12 2018

 Install Report from Apple – Oct 12 2018

It is certainly good news for Apple and developers and backs up the relatively trouble free usage reports from consumers on version 12.  Apple made it clear when this new version of their mobile platform was announced back at WWDC in June that the company’s focus was on improving user experience and overall stability, two big complaints from iOS 11.

This number will only increase, especially when iOS 12.1 is released later this year.  That will be the first significant update to the platform and will bring Group FaceTime as well as 70 new emoji to iPhones and iPads.  12.1 is currently in its third beta build which was released to developers and public beta testers earlier this week.


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