Covent Garden Apple Store

Apple Store at Covent Garden in London Set to Reopen October 26

After being closed back on June 27, the Apple Store in Covent Garden in London is set to reopen on October 26.  That is the same day that the iPhone XR is set to be released in the United Kingdom.

The store is set to get a complete overhaul with Apple’s new store design that was first introduced in the San Francisco Union Square location in 2016.  When the Covent Garden store opened in 2010, it was the largest Apple Store at the time and remained so for some time.

The new design of the store will reflect the new approach Apple has taken on their stores.  That is, there will be a Genius Grove to get help, The Avenue for shopping, and The Forum for viewing presentations.  There will also be an area for Today at Apple classes.

Covent Garden is the latest store to get the new look and it is fitting for one of the more iconic Apple Store locations in the world.  The high arched windows and vaulted ceilings of the location make it a unique experience.  Indeed, while I lived in London, this was by far my favorite Apple Store in Europe and I spent way to much time (and money) in it just because of the unique look and feel of the location.

Covent Garden Apple Store

Covent Garden Apple Store

If you make your way to London or are a Londoner, be sure to check the store out after the 26th.


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