Apple Events on Apple TV

Apple Events App on Apple TV Updated for “It’s Show Time” Event Next Week

As Apple prepares for the “It’s Show Time” event coming up on March 25th, the company has quietly updated the Apple Events app for Apple TV. The update was a cloud-side push overnight and now reflects the upcoming event. It has also updated previous events in the carousel at the bottom of the display. The Events app is one of the easiest ways to view any Apple event and is a free download from the App Store. Just navigate to the Store on your Apple TV to download it.

The new page has a dark theme to it with a spotlight over an Apple logo for the event’s icon. This is reflective of the movie theater theme which, along with the event’s name, hints at what is going to be announced. It is expected that Apple will announce the new Apple TV Subscription service as the main highlight for the event.

Apple Events on Apple TV
Apple Events on Apple TV

Apple is also expected to announce the new Apple News Subscription service at the event too. That service, largely based on their Texture magazine service purchase last year, is expected to offer news and magazine subscriptions for a monthly fee. What the fees will be for both the TV and News services is not clear but most are hinting at $9.99 per month.

If you have an Apple TV and the Apple Events app installed, you will see when you start the app your local time for the event to start. Once it is time, 11:00 am my time as you can see in the screen capture above, you can click that button and off you go. Don’t worry though. If you miss it, the podcast replay of the event will be available later in the day.

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