Apple Expands Rich Detail 3D Maps to Chicago and Las Vegas

Apple has quietly rolled out more richly detailed 3D maps in the Apple Maps app. The feature introduced last year in iOS 15 has now expanded to cover Chicago and Las Vegas. The update is a server-side update, meaning it is rolling out to users Over-The-Air without an update. If you don’t already have the details maps on your iPhone, give it a day or two.

The new mapping feature was initially rolled out last year and provided these higher detail maps in London, Los Angeles, New York City, and San Francisco. These new maps show rich elements for commercial districts, neighborhoods, marinas, and other areas. They also provide road details like turn lanes, bus lanes, taxi lines, and crosswalks.

As you can see from the screenshot below, the new view of Vegas gives rich details on buildings, signage, and attractions on The Strip in Las Vegas. You’ll also note that it shows you where the over-the-street walkways are as you navigate down The Strip.

Apple Maps 3D View of Las Vegas
Apple Maps 3D View of Las Vegas

Apple is expected to continue these richly detailed maps in other cities worldwide as it furthers the development of Apple Maps. As a reminder, in iOS 16, Maps adds a great new feature that allows you to set multiple stops within a journey.

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