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Apple Faces Another Patent Infringement Lawsuit

Another day, another new patent infringement lawsuit against Apple. Seven Networks has filed a claim against Apple in the Eastern District of Texas, a common launching point for such suits. In it, Seven Networks states that Apple has infringed on 16 different patents and is seeking jury trial.

Specifically, the suit is over the following patents:  9,369,539, 9,438,550, 9,473,914, 9,516,127, 9,603,056, 9,608,968, 9,648,557, 9,712,476, 9,712,986, 9,769,176, 10,027,619, 10,039,029, 10,091,734, 10,110,534,  10,135,771, 10,243,962. These impact a lot of different areas of iOS and Apple devices including automatic downloads from the App Store, push notifications and other more granular settings or features.

Suits like this appears to be the main income maker for Seven Networks, based out of Marshall, Texas, has not had any press releases since 2014 and generally have been inactive by all indications.

Apple is often the target for these types of suit and they are often filed in the Eastern District of Texas where large sums have been paid out in other cases. To combat this, Apple has gone as far as to prepare to close two of its retail stores in the district so as to make it more difficult for these types of suits to be filed.

If you want the gory details of the lawsuit, you can read it here.

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