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Apple Faces Another Patent Lawsuit – This Time Over LTE

Another week, another lawsuit brought on Apple through the Eastern District Court of Texas. The newest patent suit comes from Optis Wireless Technology LLC and claims that the Cupertino tech giant has infringed on patents held by them on LTE standards. Optis Wireless, and the handful of other companies named in the suit, appear to be non-practicing entities. That is, they aim to generate revenue through patent lawsuits such as this one. The suit was filed in the patent suit friendly Eastern District Court of Texas, a common launching point for such lawsuits.

Specifically, the lawsuit claims that Apple has infringed on their patents on any LTE-enabled device. This includes the iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch that have LTE support. The suit claims that Apple has infringed on seven different patents held by Optis Wireless:

  • 8,005,154
  • 8,019,332
  • 8,385,284
  • 8,411,557
  • 9,001,774
  • 8,102,833
  • 8,989,290

You can read the full complaint here.

The complaint also states that Optis Wireless up to January of 2017 was trying to negotiate with Apple on the patents for appropriate licensing fees. Those negotiations seemingly broke down with the Cupertino company not willing to do so. The complaint therefore is asking for damages and licensing fees from their patents they claim are being used.

What makes this case interesting is that Optis Wireless has already won a case against Huawei on these same patents. In August 2018, this same court ruled that Huawei had willingly infringed on the patents held by Optis Wireless and ordered Huawei to pay $10.6 million in damages.

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