Apple Fitness+ Adds Post Pregnancy Workout Series

Today, Apple has released a new series of workouts in Apple Fitness+ to help post pregnancy with the aim to bring both recovery and strength. The new series, which currently consists of seven workouts, is led by Apple Fitness instructor Betina Gozo who also has a series of exercises for those in pregnancy that were added to the service a year ago when she was pregnant.

According to the description provided by Apple, the series is, “designed for anyone who has recently had a baby, with workouts that can help you feel stronger and more energetic as you take on the daily demand of parenthood.” The series has programs for Core training that help build up and regain core strength which includes abdominal, back strength, and pelvic floor exercises. Strength programs are to help with upper-body, lower-body, and total-body strength that can be used with light to medium weight dumbbells if desired. Finally, there are Mindful Cooldowns that include stretches to help with post pregnancy tight spots as well as meditations that focus on these such as patience and self-care.

As with any new exercise, post pregnancy or otherwise, it is recommend you consult your physician before starting to make sure you are healthy and able to complete the exercises safely.

Apple Fitness+ Post Pregnancy Workouts
Apple Fitness+ Post Pregnancy Workouts

The new series is free to all who subscribe to Apple Fitness+ and all of the exercises can be download to your iPhone or iPad to have on-the-go and, of course, can be done on the Fitness app on your Apple TV. The subscription service is $9.99 per month or you can subscribe to Apple One at $29.95 which also includes Apple Arcade, Apple News+, additional iCloud storage, Apple TV+, and Apple Music.

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