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Apple Hires Condé Nast executive Liz Schimel to Work on Apple News

If there was any question on how serious Apple is about making Apple News a reliable news source, you don’t have to look much further than some of their recent hires for the service.  The latest is Condé Nast executive Liz Schimel.  She joined Apple in July and most recently came from Condé Nast China where she served as President.

The hiring of Schimel comes after Apple hired Lauren Kern, a high ranking editor for New York Magazine as well as deputy editor at The New York Times Magazine. When Kern was brought on board, she was the first editor-in-chief for Apple News.

Apple News has done a lot of growing up in the nearly three years it has been around.  While it would still be considered a news aggregation app, there are plenty of activity to suggest that will be changing.  First, the Apple acquired digital magazine subscription service Texture.  While nothing official has come of that acquisition just yet, the odds-on guess is that we will see news magazines and other subscriptions within Apple News.

Second, Apple launched a 2018 Midterm Elections section in the service back in June.  Aimed at being a trustworthy source of news, News does what it does best which is curate stores from a diverse range of sources.

Apple News

Apple News

Finally, there is the upcoming release of MacOS Mojave.  The next version of MacOS will have a News app built into it so users can get news right on their desktop as well as the iPhone and iPad.


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