iCloud Free 200GB Offer

Apple is Currently Giving Free iCloud Users 200GB of Storage for Free for 2 Months

In an effort to get everyone ready for the new iPhones, Apple is bumping up the amount of storage given to free tier users of iCloud so they can back up their phones.  The promotion has some strings attached but if you are eyeing getting a new iPhone next month (which could be announced on September 12th according the latest rumors), it’s worth a look-see.

First, the promotion is only open to those who have a free iCloud account, which comes with 5GB of storage.  That isn’t a lot and only Microsoft is at that same level with OneDrive.  Google Drive free users get 15GB of storage.  So, if you are already paying for iCloud storage, you can’t take advantage of this offer.

Second, it appears to be tied to carriers here in the US.  So if you are on AT&T, Sprint, or T-Mobile (presumably Verizon will at some point be included), you can take advantage of the program.  If you aren’t, no soup for you.

Finally, and this one is a big one, after the two months of free space is provided, you will be charged the normal $2.99 per month rate.  So yeah, don’t forget to turn off the auto-renewal or you get tapped for the cost.

iCloud Free 200GB Offer

iCloud Free 200GB Offer

To get the deal, just follow this link which will open up iTunes on your Mac.  Follow the instructions and you will get a redemption code that can be used to get the additional storage.

Truthfully, this isn’t that great of a deal.  You are saving yourself about $6 all in for the two free months.  Plus, having the box ticked to auto-renew is a bit underhanded in my book.  But, if you are upgrading your phone and truly only need the iCloud storage for a quick backup, then it isn’t a bad deal.

Just don’t forget to turn off the auto-renewal!


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