Apple Maps New Details

Apple Maps Gains More Details in New Mexico and Arizona

A new update to Apple Maps has added new details to New Mexico, Arizona, and the southern part of Nevada including Las Vegas. The new details can be seen when you zoom into a map and shows things like parking lots, sports fields, and green areas. The update is part of the larger revamp that Apple is making to Apple Maps as it looks to improve information available to users.

The new details in Apple Maps come thanks to street level mapping the company has been doing with LiDAR equipped vehicles. This process has been going on for the better part of three years and started in California. Apple is slowly migrating this new data across the country. In all, 45 states have been partially surveyed in this way.

Apple Maps New Details
Apple Maps New Details

The good news is that this updated information in Apple Maps is a cloud-side update. That means you don’t need to update the app (which only happens with iOS updates) and can see this new detail now on your iPhone. In the screen capture above, you can see the parking lot and sports field details for a high school in Las Vegas, Nevada.

You can expect Apple to continue to quietly do these map updates throughout the rest of 2019 and into 2020. If you are curious where the company is rolling LiDAR vehicles, you can check that out on the Apple Maps Image Collection site.


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