Apple Music in the Google Home App

Apple Music Apparently Not Coming to Google Home

Earlier this week I told you about Apple Music appearing in the latest update to the Google Home app. At the time, it was an encouraging sign of things that could potentially be coming to Google Home users and Google Assistant. Seems that is not the case. Google is now saying it was a bug that exposed Apple Music in the list.

The bug, as Google characterizes it, open up Apple Music further than it had intended. Apple’s Music service is available on mobile devices through Google Assistant. At this time, according to Google, there is no intent to opening the service to Google Home.

The news is certainly disappointing. As I wrote in the original article, the addition of the Apple service to Google Home would add a significant number of potential customers. Google Home has 30% of the smart speaker market. Hopefully the fact that this setting for Apple Music is in the Google Home app will mean that it eventually makes it way to Home devices. Plus, the fact that it is there could mean that the companies are working on the addition behind the scenes for future update.

For now though, it seems we only got a glimpse because of a bug.

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