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Apple Music Expanding Personalization of “For You”

Apple has started rolling out an update to the “For You” section of Apple Music that brings more personalized music offerings and offerings based on themes. The update is for devices running iOS 12.2 and iOS 12.3 and according to 9to5mac will roll out to everyone in the coming weeks.

The update brings a further expansion to the “For You” section that got a major revamp with the release of iOS 12.2. You will not get recommended content based on specific bands you’ve enjoyed before as well as new categories. Those categories include “Start Your Week Right,” and “To Make You Smile as examples. You will also get category recommendations based on what music genres you’ve listened to in the past on Music.

Apple is also planning more frequent updates to the “For You” section of the Music app to keep content fresh and more frequent recommendations for you. Apple has been working to step up its game when it comes to personalized music recommendation as they battle Spotify and other music streaming services for subscriber dollars.

So long as you are running iOS 12.2 or 12.3, you will get the update for this new content in the coming weeks. Apple is doing a cloud-side update to the Music app so there is no need to update iOS to get it or update the app itself via the App Store.

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