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Apple Music for Android Update Brings Chromebook Support

The latest update to the Apple Music app for Android is currently rolling out in the Google Play Store. The update brings the new Browse tab that came to the iOS version of the app last week. It also brings support for running the app on Chromebooks that can run Android apps.

As you may recall, the new Browse tab brings quick access to the Top 100 lists. The Top 100 lists were introduced last November and feature the top 100 songs in various countries. Now they are more front-and-center so you can find them more easily.

The second big change are themes. These are designed to give you a playlist of music for a particular day or activity. For example, there is a Weekend Warrior theme with dance music, music for Fridays, and weekend chill music.

Specific to Android, those who have Chromebooks that support running Android apps, can now run Apple Music. In order for any Android app to run on a Chromebook, it has to have a manifest change in the code so it will be recognized as a supported app. Apple clearly made that change with this update. It means that if you are an Apple Music subscriber and happen to be on a Chromebook, you can still access your library, download music to your Chromebook, and browse new music. It is native so it works just like it does on an Android device.

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