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Apple Music is Now Available on Amazon Echo Devices

Arriving a few days earlier than scheduled, Apple Music can now integrate with Amazon Echo devices.  The update, which was originally slated for released today, began arriving over the weekend.  It came in the form of an update to the Amazon Alexa app.  Once the update is done, subscribers to Apple Music can add their account to Alexa which can then make your music and playlists available on your Echo devices.

When the integration was announced last month, it was seen as a great win for consumers.  Amazon’s Echo devices are in a dominant position in the home smart speaker market but their own streaming music service has hardly made any impact.  Contrast this with Apple.  Their smart speaker, the HomePod, is trailing Amazon’s devices significantly but their music service is one of the two dominant players in the market.  It makes sense for both companies to make this integration work.

All of this is against the background of an improving relationship between Apple and Amazon.  The online retailer is now selling Apple products which seemed like an impossibility just a year ago.  

Once you have the update to your Alexa app on your iPhone (or Android), you will need to connect your Apple Music account to Alexa.  This will give the app authorization to read your music library.  Once this is completed, you can then have an Alexa skill to play music from it.  

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