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Apple Music is Now Available on Amazon Fire TV

In the latest expansion of the relationship between Amazon and Apple, today Apple Music became available to stream on Amazon Fire TV devices. It follows the integration of Music three months ago into Amazon Alexa and Echo devices. Using Alexa, Fire TV owners can say things such as “Alexa, play Rush” and it will play content directly from Apple Music on the device.

In order for the integration to work, you need to enable the Apple Music skill in Alexa. This can be done on your iPhone with the Alexa app. If you have already done this for your Amazon Echo, you don’t need to repeat it. The skill will be known and used by your Fire TV.

The addition of Fire TV to the lineup of devices that can stream Apple Music is part of the broader effort that Apple has around the streaming service. Services, in general, are a growing part of the Apple financial portfolio and expanding things like Music to non-Apple devices is a path forward to increasing users and revenue. iTunes for example will soon be available as an app on Samsung Smart TVs as part of the overall services growth plan.

Over the six month, the relationship between Amazon and Apple has dramatically changed with the online retailer offering Apple products – minus the HomePod – on their site with an official Apple Store.

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