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Apple Music to Gain Native Android Tablet Support in Next Release

Good news this morning for those who use Apple Music on Android devices.  The next update to the app, which is currently in beta, will bring native Android tablet support.  The new version is version 2.7 for those keeping score at home.

Right now, if you use Apple Music on your Android tablet, you essentially get a scaled up version of the app for phones.  It works, but it isn’t the greatest user experience.  It is analogous to iPad users using iPhone apps on their tablets.  That will change when version 2.7 is released as it will have a more natural tablet interface.

In addition to the native support for Android tablets, this update to Apple Music will also kill the hamburger menu.  This brings it more in line with Google’s Material Design, the user interface guidelines that the Mountain View company wants their developers to utilize.  It is replaced with a bottom navigation tab system.  This navigation should also lend it self more readily to tablets.

There is no word on when we can expect to see version 2.7 actually land in the Google Play Store but it likely won’t be long.  Based on previous experience, I would expect this to be available to end users before the end of the year.


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