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Apple Music Update for Android Brings Android Auto Support

Isn’t it nice when two big companies play nice in the sandbox?  Yesterday, I told you about an update to Google Maps that allows it to be your mapping app when using Apple’s CarPlay.  Now this morning we get to see an update working the other way around.  Apple has released an update that allows Apple Music to work with Android Auto.

The update, which is now live in the Google Play Store, will allow for Android users who have Apple Music subscriptions to connect it to their Android Auto infotainment system and listen to their music as well as do some pretty sophisticated searching of music too.

Just like on iOS, with Apple Music for Android you can search for songs by lyrics and there is are updated artists pages throughout the app.  It is a solid update and a great example of how two titans can – and do generally – get along for the benefit of their mutual customers.

Apple revealed last month that this update was coming as they opened it up to beta testers.  Up to this point, the ability to connect Apple Music with Android Auto was only open to those who had signed up for that beta program through the Google Play Store.


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