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Apple News Now Has 90 Million Regular Readers After Only Three Years

Thanks to a great story in The New York Times, we now know that Apple News sees some 90 million regular readers to the app on both iOS and MacOS.  Considering that Apple News quietly launched as an app just three years ago, it is an impressive number to reach in a short period of time.

The Times article is an excellent read and one I recommend taking time to enjoy.  The thrust of the article is the human curation of news on News, lead by the capable Ms Lauren Kern.  The article discusses in detail how articles are curated for the app through the surprisingly small 43 staff members that review articles for the app and service.

With strong readership, the persistent rumors of a paid service for Apple News almost seems inevitable now.  Apple is rumored to have approached The Times as well as the likes of Bloomberg for subscriptions to their services through Apple News.

struggling to get their arms around Apple News.Traditional news sites and papers are still  From a revenue perspective, they do not make nearly as much as they do on their stand alone sites.  But, with so many regular readers, they can hardly ignore it either.  Apple is working on improving ad revenue for publishers but it is still very much a work in progress.

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