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Apple Officially Releases iOS 12 – Update Now Available

It is official!  iOS 12 for iPhone and iPad is now available.  Apple has pushed the big red button and those of you with a compatible iPhone or iPad can now download it and install it on your device.  It follows a lengthy beta program for the update that started back in June for developers.  In all, eleven beta cycles were completed, making iOS 12 one of the most tested releases ever from Apple.

iOS 12 is more-or-less a maintenance version of Apple’s mobile Operating System, with the Cupertino company focusing on performance improvements while also bringing a handful of new, but not necessarily orbit altering, new features.

As for the new features, you probably are all well versed in them by now.  But, for those that haven’t heard, here are some of the improvements and new features.

  • Significant improvements in powering up of devices, particularly older ones
  • Improvements to Siri with Shortcuts to simplify and automate actions
  • Screen Time to help you monitor your phone usage
  • A more intuitive Do Not Disturb function
  • Animoji now supports “tongue” detection
  • Grouping of notifications for easier management

For me personally, the biggest new feature that I’m looking forward to is grouping of notifications.  This is something that I enjoyed back in my Android days and frankly, notifications in iOS 11 are a mess.  This will be a nice improvement.

Keep in mind that Group FaceTime, the feature that allows you to have a group video call with up to 32 people, will not be released in the iOS 12 update today.  That feature was removed several beta cycles ago and Apple has indicated it will be later this year before we see it.


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