Apple Pay is Now Accepted in Moldova

For iPhone users in Moldova, you how have access to Apple Pay. Apple quietly added the Eastern European country on its list of supported countries while three of the countries banks confirmed that it is available for their customers.

Of the three banks that support Apple Pay, only one issued a Press Release announcing the new payment system. Maib stated:

From today, maib cardholders benefit from the possibility to use Apple Pay – a more secure, protected and confidential payment instrument that allows you not to touch the buttons of the payment terminal and not to transmit money from hand to hand. The security of every transaction in Apple Pay is ensured by the innovative iPhone technologies .

Maib Press Release

The other two banks that support the service, Moldindconbank and Victoriabank made their announcements via their respective websites.

Apple Pay is now available in dozens of countries with thousands of banks across the globe with a seemingly endless acceptance and expansion of the tap-to-pay platform. The platforms security and flexibility are key reasons that it continues to grow at its rapid rate. Users of Apple Pay can pay with their iPhone or Apple Watch wherever the payment form is accepted.

The Republic of Moldova is situated between Romania and Ukraine with a population of just over two million people. It’s capital is Chișinău.

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