Apple Podcats Mark As Played

Apple Podcasts Gains “Mark as Played” Feature in iOS 12.2

With the release of iOS 12.2 this week, the Apple Podcasts app has receive a handy new “Mark as Played” feature. The feature is one I reported on back in February when the feature appeared in one of the early betas of 12.2. As things go, it wasn’t 100% clear if the feature would make it to the final release. Thankfully it has and it is available to you once you install iOS 12.2.

How the feature works is straightforward. When you have an episode that you want to mark as played, long press it to bring up the menu. There you will find the new option to mark that episode as played and you can go on to the next.

Apple Podcats Mark As Played
Apple Podcats Mark As Played

The feature is certainly not revolutionary as many podcast apps in the App Store have a similar feature for marking older podcast episodes as watch or listen to in the app. But it is a handy feature and makes the Podcasts app a bit more appealing to those who are looking at apps for their podcast watching and listening needs.

If you have uninstalled the Podcasts app on your iPhone or iPad, you can re-install it by getting it from the App Store.

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