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Apple Products Coming to Amazon in the Next Few Weeks

Amazon and Apple have come to a significant agreement that will see the Cupertino tech giant’s latest products on the largest online retailers site.  The agreement, which was published by CNBC, means that Amazon shoppers will be able to find the iPhone XR, iPhone XS, and XS Max on the retailers site, being sold by Apple. iPad models will also make an appearance on Amazon.  It also means that the Apple TV will be available and the Amazon Prime app will be available on those units.

The agreement means that third-party resellers of Apple products will no longer be available.  Those listings will be removed from Amazon on January 4, 2019.  The deal impacts Amazon sites in the US, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Japan, and India.

One glaring omission is the HomePod.  Amazon has no intent of allowing the smart speaker to be sold on their site as it is a direct competitor to their Echo lineup.  That said, they don’t allow the Google Home device to be sold either.  They are being consistent.

For consumers, this is another great buying option.  To this point, you could get Apple products on Amazon through 3rd-party resellers.  That meant that price and condition of products varied tremendously.  This new agreement should eliminate that problem.  It also means that customers will have the ability to use Amazon gift cards to purchase Apple products.

It is unknown if services like AppleCare+ will be available on purchase through Amazon, nor if the entire lineup of iPad or iPhone models will be available.

Apple and Amazon have traditionally had a strained relationship given their competing products.  This was classically made famous by the 2015 pulling of the Apple TV product when the Fire TV streaming box was announced.  But, like many things, “coopetition” is not a bad thing and it looks like these two giants are coming together to play nice.  At least for now.

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