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Apple Pulls WatchOS 5.1 Update After Some Users Experienced Upgrade Issues

WatchOS 5.1 was released yesterday by Apple as part of a busy day that saw the iOS 12.1 update and MacOS Mojave 10.14.1 updates released too.  But a small number of Apple Watch owners experienced stuck updates on their watches yesterday, resulting in Apple pulling the update for now.

The issue seems to be impacting those with Series 4 watches who have upgraded to WatchOS 5.1.  The full scope of the issue is not fully understood at this time or hasn’t been released by Apple.  The vast majority of users were able to upgrade yesterday, me included, so it appears to only be hitting a small grew of users.

For now, Apple has pulled the WatchOS 5.1 update and users are encouraged just to wait it out until an update for 5.1 is released.  If you have downloaded the 5.1 update but not installed it, you are encouraged not to install it, especially if you have a Series 4 watch.

If you have attempted the updated and your Apple Watch is stuck on the Apple logo screen, you have run into this bug.  The only thing you can do for now is contact Apple Support to get help with the issue. There is no other workaround for it at this time.

If you have updated and are running WatchOS 5.1, you are good-to-go.  The issue appears to be at the install phase of the update and should not impact users once it is successfully installed.

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