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Apple Quietly Improves AppleCare+ Coverage

Sometimes it isn’t what Apple says but what they do that make them stand apart from other consumer centric companies. While the world’s attention was focused on the new Apple Watch models and the new iPads yesterday at the Fall 2020 Apple Event, Apple quietly bumped up coverage for AppleCare+ on two important fronts yesterday.

First, the protection plan now covers Apple devices for two indigents of accidental damage every 12 months, up from 2 every 24 months. Accidental damage is subject to a service fee, or deductible, depending on the damage. For a damaged screen, there is a $29 fee while for other damage to the device has a $99 fee.

Secondly, for those who have the Theft and Loss Plan on their iPhone, the deductible process has changed. It is now $149 regardless of iPhone model. Previously, the deductible varied based on the model. It could range from $149 to $269. Basically Apple has flat-fee’d this now which makes it a lot less expensive to get a replacement iPhone under the Theft and Loss coverage.

The coverage, according to Apple’s AppleCare+ site, goes into effect immediately and covers Apple Watch, iPhone, Mac and iPads on the basic coverage. Theft and Loss coverage is only available on iPhone.

Finally, remember that you now have up to a year after the purchase of your Apple product to add AppleCare+ coverage to the device here in the United States and Canada. Apple previously required you make the purchase within 60 days

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