Apple HomePod

Apple Quietly Launches the HomePod in Mexico and Spain

Along with the launch of the new iPhone XR yesterday, Apple also quietly released the Apple HomePod in both Spain and Mexico.  The expansion of the Siri enabled smart speaker into the two countries means that for the first time, HomePod supports a language other than variations of English.

In Mexico, the HomePod is available in both white and space grey with a price of $7,999 Pesos.  That comes out to roughly $413 US.  For those readers in Spain, the HomePod is €349 and it too comes in white or space grey.  That price breaks down to $398 US.

As for Siri, the support of Spanish appears to have been a cloud-side rollout and not related to any iOS version.  That’s good news as it means that users in Mexico and Spain should be able to immediately use their smart speaker in their native language right out of the box.  It is also good to see Apple doing these cloud-side updates instead of having to wait for iOS updates.

Apple HomePod

Apple HomePod

With the upcoming Apple Event in New York on Tuesday, it is expected that Italy will be announced as the next country where the smart speaker will be available to users.  Apple has not confirmed this year and likely won’t until the event.

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