iOS 14.2 Public Beta 1

Apple Releases Beta 1 of iOS 14.2 to Public Beta Testers

Just four days after the first beta of iOS 14.2 was released to developers, the beta has now made its way to those who are public beta testers. The build is identical to that released last week to the developer community. In addition, iPadOS 14.2 and WatchOS 7.1 were released at the same time today.

iOS 14.2 is primarily going to be a bug fix release but already one new feature has been found. With this release, you will be able to add a Shazam control to Control Center, allowing you to quickly identify music playing around you without actually having to open up the Shazam app. As you may recall, Apple acquired Shazam back in 2017 and while minor updates have happened since then, there hasn’t been much in the way of deep integrations. This seems to be changing with 14.2. 

Shazam in Control Center in iOS 14.2
Shazam in Control Center in iOS 14.2

The Shazam control in Control Center is added through the Settings>Control Center settings on your iPhone. Once added, you can open up Control Center and tap the Shazam control and it will begin listening to the music being played around you and provide a pop-up of the song’s name and artist. You can then navigate to Apple Music to add the music to your library.

For those who want to join the iOS beta program, you can do so by going to the Apple Beta Program site. Note that it is recommended that you run beta builds on your non-daily iPhone in case unexpected bugs arise. It is also recommended that you make a backup of your iPhone via your Mac or PC in case you decide to revert back to iOS 14.0.

Currently there is no release date for 14.2 although it likely will be late this year or early next given the current timeline surrounding the upcoming iPhone 12 release.

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