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Apple Releases First Beta of iOS 12.2 to Developers

Just days after the release of iOS 12.1.3 to the public, Apple has already started work on the next update to the platform. The first beta of iOS 12.2 has arrived today for developers registered in the Apple Beta Program as build 16E5181f. If you are a developer who has a device registered in the program, you should have the build available to download and install on your device. For those of you who are in the pubic Apple Beta Program, you still have a bit of time to wait. Apple, at the time of this post, has not released it to that group yet.

While iOS 12.2 is mostly going to be a further iteration of iOS, focused on bug fixes and other improvements, we do know that it will have some new features. With this update, Apple News makes its way to Canada. Apple News is also found in the first beta of MacOS 10.14.4 which was also released today. It is available both in English and French in the country but Apple is clear that, during the beta cycles for 12.2, it will not be updated as frequently as it is in countries where it is currently available. The countries that Apple News can be found is the United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

Undoubtedly other new features or tweaks will be found as 12.2 represents a more substantial update to the platform. As you may recall, when iOS 12.1 was released, support for the new eSIM in the current iPhone lineup was enabled along with other tweaks to FaceTime.

As for when we can expect to see iOS 12.2 become available for the general public, that is not known. Apple does not post a release schedule for iOS. Based on historical beta cycles for these “dot” releases, we will likely see five or six beta builds before it is released to the public. With beta build generally a week apart, that lands us somewhere around the week of February 18, 2019. That assumes that a bug isn’t found or other issues arise that lengthen the beta cycles for the build.

Finally, as a reminder, Average Apple Guy does not recommend running beta iOS on your primary iPhone or iPad.

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