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Apple Releases First Beta of iOS 12.3 With New Apple TV App

Just two days after the release of iOS 12.2, Apple has pushed out the first beta of iOS 12.3 to the developer community. The new build is 16F5117h for those keeping score at home. At the time of this post, the release had only been released to registered developers. Those who are registered in the Apple Beta Program, have not received it yet but likely will either later today or some time before the end of the week.

The big news with this first beta of iOS 12.3 is we get to see the new Apple TV app for the first time beyond an Apple keynote speech. The build contains the new look UI which eventually will be where we see Apple TV+ when it is released in the Fall. For now, you can see all of the new categories as well as the new flow of the UI.

Apple TV New User Interface
Apple TV New User Interface

Apple committed during the “It’s Show Time” event on Monday that the new UI would appear in May of this year on iPhone, iPad, and on Apple TV. That also gives us a good indicator of when we can expect to see iOS 12.3 actually released. If May is the target, you can expect four to six beta builds to land before the public actually gets the new interface.

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