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Apple Releases iOS 12.2 for Apple HomePod

Apple has released the iOS 12.2 update for Apple HomePod, bringing improved support for business and school networks. The update will push to your HomePod once you have updated your iPhone to iOS 12.2. You can also manually install the update by going into the Home app, long pressing your HomePod, then going to Settings.

The Release Notes for this update to Apple HomePod are pretty limited with only one new feature outlined.

iOS 12.2 includes support for joining most enterprise or university campus 802.1x networks that do not require unique credentials to join.

iOS 12.2 Release Notes for HomePod

Fundamentally what this means is that if your business or university has an open WiFi network that doesn’t require authentications with credentials, your can have your HomePod join that network. The question, of course, is how practical this is in the real world. Most business require unique credentials, even for their guest networks. This is a security issues as much as anything. The same is true for most universities. That said, clearly Apple either is responding to customer requests on this feature or sees it as a fundamental need in the HomePod. Either way, the feature is here now and once you update to iOS 12.2, you’ll have it.

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