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Apple Releases iOS 12 Gold Master to Beta Channels

Shortly after the Gather Round keynote yesterday, Apple released the Gold Master build of iOS 12 to both the developer and public beta channels.  The Gold Master is slated to be the version of iOS 12 that is released to the general public this coming Monday, September 17th.  Assuming no major issues are found, this should be the version you see.

With the release of the Gold Master, it effectively ends what has been a thorough beta testing cycle for this build of iOS.  No less than twelve beta builds were released over the course of the beta phase, which started back in June.  iOS 12 will prove to be one of the more rigorously tested versions of the mobile Operating System by Apple.

As you likely know by now, iOS 12 is going to bring a significant number of improvements and updates to iPhones and iPads.  Some of the updates and new features include:

iOS 12 is going to be bringing a lot of tweaks and improvements to your iPhone and iPad and while it probably should be looked at as an evolutionary build of the platform, it will still be worth downloading when it is available.  Notable feature improvements include:

  • Significant improvements in powering up of devices, particularly older ones
  • Improvements to Siri with Shortcuts to simplify and automate actions
  • Screen Time to help you monitor your phone usage
  • A more intuitive Do Not Disturb function
  • Animoji now supports “tongue” detection
  • Grouping of notifications for easier management

One thing we won’t see is Group FaceTime.  Demo’d at WWDC back in June, the feature was removed late in the beta testing cycle but will make its debut later this year according to Apple.

If you absolutely cannot wait until Monday, September 17th to install iOS 12, you can sign up for the Apple Beta Program and download it today.  Just follow the guides provided to make sure everything goes smoothly.  Also keep in mind that technically it is still in beta.  You could find a bug so proceed with caution.

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