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Apple Releases iOS 15 Beta 8 to Developers & Public Testers

As it has done for the past several weeks, Apple released a new weekly beta build of the next version of iOS. The iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 Beta 8 is now available to both developers registered in the Apple Developer Program as well as the public with registered devices in the Apple Beta Program. The new build number is 19A5340a for those keeping score at home.

This marks the second consecutive week that Apple has released both the developer beta as well as the public beta on the same day. That could be a strong indicator that the Cupertino company feels confident enough in iOS 15 Beta 8 at this point that it is stable enough for everyone who beta tests. Normally, especially in early beta builds, Apple will release the new bits to the developer community then wait upwards of a week before giving it to the public beta testers. Developers tend to be more tolerant of bugs and issues.

As always, Beta builds of iOS and iPadOS should be run on dedicated devices that are not necessarily your “daily driver” devices. Stability issues and bugs pop up from time-to-time (hint in the name!) which could cause productivity challenges. If you don’t have a device that you can dedicate to beta testing, it is recommended to hold off during the beta cycles until the Release Candidate is available. That should be mid-September.

So far, nothing significant has been found in this latest beta, but rather it feels more like a polishing exercise.

iOS 15 will bring a wide range of updates and improvements to iPhone and iPad devices including a revamped weather app, Focus Time, iCloud+ support, Notification Summary, improved Apple Maps, a redesign of Safari, and Live Text to name but a few. The release is expected in mid-September in conjunction with the anticipated release of the iPhone 13.

If you are curious about the public beta program offered by Apple, you can check out the Apple Beta Software Program on the company’s site.

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